Manetop Shampoo

The cosmetics world is constantly changing and, among other things, has set itself the goal to provide more natural and healthier hair care product solutions.

One of the excellent hair care solutions is MANETÔP Shampoo, which is made up of natural ingredients and is salt-free and allergen-free.

The vast majority of hair-washing products available on the market today contain salts, allergens, and other chemicals that are harmful to the hair, the hair follicle, and the scalp especially if used every day over a period of time. It is recommended to avoid them.

Recently, we are seeing a trend where many people are switching to using salt-free and allergen-free shampoos.

MANETÔP Shampoo gives your hair the moisture, protection, and shine you desire. 

Salt-free and allergen-free shampoo has many benefits and we have gathered together some of them here for you:

*** MANETÔP’s allergen-free and salt-free shampoo prevents preserves the hair’s natural oils.

A shampoo that contains salts impairs the hair’s ability to preserve its natural fats.

Salt-free shampoo will help, among other things, to ensure that your scalp and hair continue to produce the natural fats that keep the hair healthy and to ensure its natural shine.

*** MANETÔP’s allergen-free and salt-free shampoo preserves the hair’s natural moisture.

Salt-free shampoo moisturizes the hair without drying out the base of the hair as can happen with unneeded salts like those found in regular shampoos.

Preserving hair moisture is essential to prevent problems, such as split ends, lack of luster, and hair loss.

Salt-free shampoo makes sure that the moisture of the hair stays as natural as possible.

*** MANETÔP’s allergen-free and salt-free shampoo prevents scalp irritation.

Itching and dryness of the scalp are common phenomena and are often caused, among other things, from the use of hair-washing products that contain salts.

The source of this irritation may be the amount of salts found in the same care products that dry the hair and often cause irritation of the skin of the scalp.

Do you suffer from itching or the feeling of dryness of the scalp after washing your hair? If so, you should switch to using a salt-free shampoo.

*** MANETÔP’s allergen-free and salt-free shampoo is shampoo without tears.

Who is not familiar with the uncomfortable feeling when shampoo gets in your eyes and causes irritation and redness?

Salt-free shampoo does not contain salts so, if it accidentally gets into your eyes, there is no need to worry – the irritation that leads to red, watery eyes is not expected to happen.

*** MANETÔP’s allergen-free and salt-free shampoo protects the scalp.

The skin of the scalp is known to be one of the areas of the body that are very sensitive to salts.

Salts can cause dryness and irritation of the scalp. A salt-free shampoo will help you to look after the sensitive skin on your scalp.

*** MANETÔP’s allergen-free and salt-free shampoo preserves hair color.

A lot of us dye our hair, and we would be happy to see the hair color and the quality of the color remain for a long time.

Salt-free shampoo really helps to preserve the hair color for a long time because the various salts in regular hair-washing products can damage the natural color of the hair over time.

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Hair and the Israeli summer

We’re all familiar with the “hot but pleasant” Israeli summer with the sun beating down on our heads.

But how does the summer affect our hair?!?!?!?

Summer brings humidity, dust, and perspiration, which, among other things, makes our hair dull, curly, and dry, which could lead to dandruff.

In addition, summer brings the bathing season but also chlorine and salt to our hair.

Regular visits to the swimming pool and the sea, in addition to the sun beating down on our heads, is very unhealthy for our hair and, after being in the pool or the sea, our hair feels dry and unpleasant to touch.

So what do we do???

When spending a lot of time in the sun, we must wear a head covering or a hat in order to protect our scalp and, of course, it should not be too tightly fitting so as not to damage the scalp and to allow the hair to “breathe”.

Using a good moisturizing mask or a natural mask, such as coconut oil, the heart of the aloe vera plant, or olive oil can help us to overcome the effects of the Israeli sun in the summer months.

Maintaining a good diet is important all year round; therefore, in summer too, a proper diet is one of the most useful tools we can use to protect our hair in the long run.

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Foods that are not healthy for hair

A lot of experts point out that our hair is directly and greatly affected by our diet. Food has a direct impact on the quantity of minerals and vitamins that we consume and when we consume unhealthy foods or when we do not consume the vitamins and minerals needed to protect healthy hair, we could suffer from a deficiency of vitamin D and/or proteins and/or iron, which could damage our hair.
Below is a list of foods that contribute to hair loss:
Sugary foods: Sugar has a direct effect on the body’s ability to absorb proteins. If your food is saturated with sugar, we recommend to change it.
Food with a high sugar content makes the body produce insulin more intensively and, later on, directly produces androgen that contributes to shrinking hair fibers and to a possible hair loss. In addition, sugar slows down the rate of protein absorption in the body, which is very important for stimulating hair growth.
Fatty fried food: Foods that are unhealthy for our stomach are usually also not healthy for our hair.
Food saturated in oil can cause clogging and blocking of pores, which leads directly to hair loss.
Pastries and foods made from white flour – Processed carbohydrates are broken down by the body into sugar. Carbohydrates do not contain any components that are healthy for our hair, and a diet with a lot of carbohydrates could contribute to hair loss.
Salty snacks – An excess of salt in our body increases the level of sodium in the blood, which then causes dehydration that could lead to hair loss; therefore, in order to protect the health of your hair, you can continue to snack but do it in moderation and with awareness.
Alcoholic beverages – Alcohol is one of the substances that causes bodily dehydration. We have all noticed the feeling of dryness after partying all night – our hair gets the same feeling; it becomes dry and fragile, which could lead to hair loss.
Alcohol causes a reduction of zinc levels in the body. This mineral is responsible to a large extent for the strength of our hair.

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All you need to know about washing your hair

Washing your hair is an automatic almost every-day activity, and we usually don’t invest any mental effort in doing it.

We have listed some tips for you for washing your hair properly.

First of all, it’s recommended to wash your hair in lukewarm water. Washing it in hot water opens the pores in your head and, among other things, makes your scalp soft, which may cause hair loss when toweling your hair and then combing it after washing it.

It’s always preferable to apply conditioner to the tips of the hair and the little that remains on our hands to apply to the scalp gently with the pads of our fingers.

After washing, make sure to rinse off all the shampoo from the scalp thoroughly; shampoo left on the scalp may cause hair to lose its shine and to look thinner.

Try to avoid using body soap or shower gel to wash your hair. The pH level of body soap and shampoo is completely different; therefore, among other things, using body soap may cause dryness of the scalp as well as dandruff.

The question whether it is allowed/correct for us to wash our hair every day is always asked.

According to hair experts throughout the world, there is no reason not to wash your hair daily just as there is no reason to not wash it every day.

One smart thing to do is to take a “hair washing break” every few months, to give your hair a rest for a week to allow it to regenerate and, during that same week, wash your hair with lukewarm water.

A “hair washing break” allows the hair to remain clean but, at the same time, to rid itself of all the chemicals built up on it.

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