Ido Aricha

36 years old

For as long as I can remember, I have had thin hair. About five months ago, a friend introduced me to MANETÔP and recommended their products to me. He brought me the pills, the shampoo, and the wax, and suggested that I try them out.

Although I have never used haircare products, I started using these and within a month and a half, I began to notice a change. My hair just got fuller.

In addition to the pills, I have started using the shampoo, which is just fun to use and has a really, really good scent.

Ever since I started using MANETÔP products, my hair has become completely full. I blow dry it and even straighten it. My hair is completely different. 

I highly recommend to anyone who suffers from thin hair to try MANETÔP products. Six people who noticed the change in me after I started the treatment have already starting taking the pills.

Roni Tal

48 years old

For many years, my hair has been getting thin. I walk around with my hair cropped on the sides and a little hair on top, but even that little bit is important to me, and I do what it takes to keep it.

I used Propecia for many years. After years of Propecia treatment, I went to a nutritionist who strongly advised me to stop using this product.

I looked around for an alternative because I didn’t want to just stop treating my hair. It's not that I have a lot of hair but I wanted to keep what I have. I called MANETÔP and talked to the representative, who made a good impression on me. As a professional hair stylist, I’m familiar with the substances and ingredients, and I understood that I can trust this product so I went ahead and ordered it.

After five months of using the product, I’m noticing a change that I did not see when I was using Propecia. I see the beginning of hair growth in some areas where hair did not grow before.

I'm not saying I'll look like Elvis tomorrow, but I do see something happening. I see that my hair has begun to grow in certain small areas and my customers at the hair salon have also noticed a change in my hair, and some even asked me if I had had a transplant.

I highly recommend the product to my customers at the salon, both men and women.

Maya Weiss

47 years old

I suffer from thinning hair and even have some small bald spots on my scalp. People don’t usually notice that my hair is getting thin because I have learned how to style my hair so that no one notices the thinness and the small bald areas.

Even when the MANETÔP representative first saw me, he didn’t think I needed treatment but, on examining my hair, he saw my lack of hair and recommended MANETÔP pills to me.

The change didn’t happen overnight. It took about 4 months until the hair loss stopped, but I didn’t give up and continued the treatment.

Today, after using the product consistently for about 8 months, it’s still hard for me to see daily growth but the hair loss has definitely stopped. In the past, I had to deal with insane amounts of hair loss every day, and every time I ran my fingers through my hair, I’d find a bundle of hairs in the hand. This doesn’t happen today. 

MANETÔP promises results and I see them now – my hair looks healthier and stronger, and I’m expecting the bald areas to disappear and to even see hair growing on them.

Adam Ohayon

33 years old

I'm not the type of person who needs hair treatment regularly. Thank goodness, I have perfect hair, with no baldness or thinning. But a lot of people I know suffer from thinning hair and a lot of them have had hair transplants. I accompanied some of them to Turkey for a hair transplant, so I’m familiar with the condition that can occur if we don’t look after our hair.

This is why when one of my friends who had had a hair transplant recommended MANETÔP pills to me, I started taking them. He explained that they are made from natural ingredients and that they make sure that my hair stays as is, so I started taking them.

It's hard for me to say that I actually see results because I have a lot of hair on my head. I can even donate some hair to others! But I use MANETÔP to look after what I have today. I can honestly say that I do see results on a lot of my friends and my family who have had hair transplants and are using MANETÔP products.

To protect my hair, I try not to use hair gel as a rule but, after my successful experience with MANETÔP, I recently started using MANETÔP Wax, which does an excellent job.

Osnat Karako

63 years old

All my life, I’ve suffered from hair loss. Everywhere I went, I would leave behind strands of hair that had fallen out.

A few months ago, my 25-year old son showed me the MANETÔP website and this is how I got to know the product. I asked my friends at work, who are also familiar with the product, about it and they recommended it to me so I decided to try it.

Since I started using the product, I’m seeing a big difference and experience much less hair loss. I was wary of the side effects but there are none and my hair loss has stopped. I sometimes pull my hair just to see if it's real.

My son, who orders the products for me through the site, also started using it and he’s very satisfied. Although he is only 25 years old, he says that his hair already looks much better.


32 years old

I have always suffered from very thin hair. My hair is just extremely thin and when it gets to a certain length, it just starts to break off so I have never been able to grow my hair long.

Because my hair is so thin, I’ve never had much of it so I would get a cropped haircut just to give it the effect of having volume.

A good friend of mine introduced me to MANETÔP Multi Biotin and I started using it every night. I actually started to see the results of the treatment from hairs that fell out; I would find hairs that had fallen out and I didn’t recognize them as my own. I saw that the hairs were thick and I didn’t believe they belonged to me. I thought they belonged to my friends.

Slowly, my hair started to get long and stopped breaking. I was finally able to grow my hair. I recently switched to using MANETÔP Shampoo, which makes my hair pleasant, soft, and supple.

I have tried different treatments in the past, like HR and zinc and other things, but MANETÔP Biotin is really the only one that has made a significant change.

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